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Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg

$ 28.99

Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg
Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg Hand Painted Giant Easter Egg

$ 28.99

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Pre-order our hand painted Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs filled with milk and dark chocolate coins. Only available in limited quantity. Order now to ensure you don't miss out! 

* Eggs will not ship until March 25th due to demand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews


Best choice for Easter

I gave to my daughter and husband who are both too old for egg hunts! I got to enjoy watching them crack open and over a few days consume these beautiful, wonderful chocolate memories being made and i got to taste the great chocolate inside! As usual everything came in perfectly in shipping and I'm just waiting for the next occasion to be made memorable by Posh Chocolate . Whether shipped here in Montana or to my relatives in FLor TX you guys are the perfect answer to that age old question, what do I get for them? Thank you for making things so special even in this crazy time we are in.


Amazing art. Great traxition for us.

Tasted great, even when shattered.

I received three beautifully painted eggs, but all were shattered. It seemed to be a delivery company issue, as the eggs were each in their own individual plastic containers, which we packed in foam noodles and a cooling pack. The box, however, looked like it had been run over by the delivery truck, with one whole side dented in. Fortunately, the chocolate tasted just as good. Our (older) children didn't mind, and there was less chewing for my old teeth...

Beautiful giant chocolate egg

Beautiful! I ordered four and the two on the bottom were broken. It was packed very well, rough handling I guess.