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What is the shelf life on a Posh Chocolat Truffle?
Since our Truffles contain no preservatives, they should be consumed within 2 week from the time they arrive at your door.
What is the best way to enjoy your Posh Chocolat chocolates?
The Posh Chocolat Chocolates should be enjoyed at room temperature.
Where are the Posh Chocolat products made?
Posh Chocolat products are made in Missoula - Montana.
What does "% Cacao" mean?
This measures how much cacao content has in the chocolate, the higher the percentage the darker the chocolate and less the sugar.
What is a Ganache?
It is an emulsion of chocolate and fresh cream.
Which Posh Chocolat products contain alcohol?
The Posh Chocolat Grand Marnier and Mojito truffles contain alcohol.
Which Posh Chocolat products are vegan?
All the dark chocolate origin bars and the chocolate covered almonds are vegan.
Does Posh Chocolat products contain nuts?
Some of Posh Chocolat trufles contain nuts like the Pistachio and the Hazelnut truffles.
Does Posh Chocolat wholesale?
Posh Chocolate does offer wholesale prices, please contact us for more information.
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