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Montana Fly Box

$ 24.99

Montana Fly Box
Montana Fly Box Montana Fly Box Montana Fly Box Montana Fly Box Montana Fly Box Montana Fly Box

$ 24.99

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Inspired by casting lines in The Last Best Place, The Montana Fly Box is dedicated to outdoor loving anglers. This reusable fly tin is filled with 12 huckleberry chocolate bonbons, each with a different fly pattern design. We infuse real organic huckleberry into our special dark chocolate blend to make the perfect and indulgent gift for every angler and huckleberry picker! Montana huckleberries grow wild in mountainous regions, espcially in areas surrounding Glacier National Park ripening through the summer.
Enjoy the chocolates and reuse the fly box on your next fly fishing adventure.

Ingredients: dark and milk chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vanilla bean, dry milk powder, cane sugar, sunflower lecithin) Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Huckleberry Flavor, Citric Acid  Allergens: dairy, tree nuts, soy

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Suzanne Halgren
Great chocolate!!! So smooth and fly!!

Smooth tasty delicious!

David Sharp
Perfect gift

The chocolates I sent to my family were greatly appreciated. The “yummy” factor exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Robbin Itkin
Robbin's review

The flybox idea is awesome and the chocolate is great. Not everyone is a fan of Huckleberry although I am and I know the fruit of Montana- but perhaps some of the chocolates infused with caramel would be a big hit???

Celeste Peterson
Huckleberry Truffles

This is the second time we have ordered these. This time, it was for some family friends that moved out of the state...they were a hit! Everything Posh makes is wonderful. The high-quality chocolate paired with huckleberry is absolutely delightful. It may seem that there is nothing more Montanan than that...but you are wrong. Each individual truffle has an intricate fly-fishing fly on top. If you are looking for a crowd-pleaser, this one is it!

Bruce Chmieleski

Montana friend of mine was craving fine chocolate, so sent him the fly box. Liked them so much he gave notice at work, is retiring and may rekindle his taste for fly fishing. Powerful stuff.